2014 April

A Talented Teen Designer Credits Mentorship For Her Fashionable Success Story

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Isabella Rose Taylor fashion design young 13 year old retails at Nordstrom mentored by Liza Deyrmenjian fashion business consultant mentee mentor

At the young age of eight, Isabella Rose Taylor was stitching her own clothes, by nine she had garnered quite a fan following and now at thirteen she prepares to launch her line of apparel for juniors at luxury retailer Nordstrom.

Though born with brains and a passion for fashion, it was her mentor Liza Deyrmenjian, founder of fashion business coaching company Fashion Accelerator 360, who transformed Taylor’s skills into a full-fledged business.

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Cuff: Technology That’s Finally Wearable

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Deepa Sood Cuff wearable technology jewelry Elle Elle.com interview google glass diane von furstenberg security notifications designer

While it can be said without a trace of doubt that Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear are changing the future of how individuals can adopt technology into their daily wardrobe, it’s still unclear how willingly people will sport their gadgets knowing they’re due for a handful of quizzical looks. Even the celebrated designer Diane von Furstenberg, who incorporated the futuristic Google Glass devices into her Spring 2013 collection showcase, could do little to make Google Glass truly trendy.

Learning from the flaws of such well-known devices, designer Deepa Sood created a line of jewelry called Cuff, which apart from looking beautiful, boasts functionalities for notifications, security and fitness tracking. Joining hands with her software developer husband, Sood created designs that are fashionable yet ahead of the curve. As she so rightly said in her interview with Elle.com, “Why choose between smart and beautiful?”

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Condé Nast Traveller India’s Divia Thani Daswani Takes The Road Less Travelled

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Divia Thani Daswani editor conde nast itraveller india interview travel insider's guide digital new website former vogue india features editor exclusive interview moxie media sonal beria relaunched website travel guides rahul khanna tourism

Sitting across from the young and spirited Editor of one of India’s most respected magazines, one would never know that Condé Nast Traveller India’s Divia Thani Daswani is jetlagged after flying into Bombay from Moscow the night before. Back in the office bright, early and fully charged, founding Editor Daswani has been appointed the colossal task of building the Condé Nast Traveler brand in India and hence, has had countless mornings like these. Undaunted by deadlines, redeye flights and questionable hotel rooms, it’s no surprise that in four short years, Daswani has established the travel tome as a respectable industry authority and an exhilarating, unmissable read.

The fact that Daswani has so swiftly and expertly carved a niche for herself and the magazine in such a short span of time is in no small part thanks to her pioneering mother, one of the city’s first female stockbrockers. Standing out in heels and a pantsuit while sitting in a sea of men, Daswani vividly remembers her mother waiting to attend parent-teacher meetings at school during the timeslot reserved for working fathers. What caused embarrassment as a child transformed into inspiration as a young woman, a scene that left an indelible mark on Condé Nast Traveller India’s Editor and helped her thrive in an industry dominated so deeply by men.

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How Hillary Kerr Built The Who What Wear Empire

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Hillary Kerr Moxie Media Who What Wear

After a successful association with Elle as Associate Lifestyle Editor, Hillary Kerr and colleague Katherine Power co-founded Who What Wear, a stylish digital platform that spotlights celebrity style and makes runway trends accessible to fashionistas around the globe. Who What Wear is today one of the most-visited style websites with over one million subscribers and a mile-long list of chic guest editors that includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Kerry Washington, proving that Kerr knows her whos and whats about fashion.

Kerr talks to Vanity Fair about creating trends, building a multi-media brand and its transformation into a global fashion empire.

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Finding Your Social Soulmate in Delta’s Connectivity Space

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Social Soul Delta Airlines Moxie MediaWith multiple screens, one Twitter handle and a chance to find a Social Soulmate, Delta Airlines created Connectivity Space, an innovative digital journey for the attendees of TED 2014 in Vancouver. Social Soul, a digital installation at Connectivity Space, used visitors’ Twitter handles and an algorithm to link attendees based on their interests, inspiring them to connect with their Social Soulmate offline.

Delta aims to sustain this cutting-edge connectivity experience through the year with the launch of Innovation Class: a program giving travellers opportunities to connect with celebrated names from various industries to discuss ideas and innovation by leveraging the power of LinkedIn. Attendees at TED2014 in Vancouver had the chance to apply for the Innovation Class as they exited the Social Soul exhibit.

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Stacy Martinet Is Forging Mashable’s Future Today

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Stacy Martinet chief marketing officer Mashable New York Times interview with Moxie Media +SocialGood summit India new york women in communications incredible woman digital

Stacy Martinet is the Chief Marketing Officer of leading technology news website Mashable and her job is every bit as exciting and challenging as her title suggests. When working at a company like Mashable, which takes pride in its digital reportage and setting of technological trends, one must constantly upgrade and adapt to the industry’s rapidly evolving dynamics; by exhibiting a constant fluidity in experimenting with and adopting new practices, Martinet does this marvelously.

Her work building the New York Times‘ digital ecosystem was nothing short of phenomenal and it’s clear that her time with Mashable will raise the bar even higher.

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Instadiaries: Marissa Bronfman Takes Moxie Mentorship To New York

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Marissa Bronfman founder president Moxie Media Moxie Mentorship New York women in the world summit 2014 huffington post contributor vogue conde nast India toronto NYC new york city women's empowerment From attending Tina Brown’s Women in the World 2014 Summit with inspiring women like Hillary Clinton and Diane von Furstenberg to meeting Girl Rising‘s Peruvian poet Senna and forging powerful partnerships to take Moxie Mentorship global, our Founder and President Marissa Bronfman’s recent week spent in New York marks the beginning of a very exciting new chapter for Moxie Media.


Girl Rising’s Warrior Poet Senna At Women In The World 2014 in New York

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Senna Peru girl rising women in the world summit 2014 new york lincoln center poetry poems recital moving empowerment justin reeves women in media

From the mountaintops of Peru to the streets of New York City, Girl Rising‘s 17 year-old Senna travelled many miles to recite her moving poetry to the Women in the World audience at Lincoln Center on April 5th.

Girl Rising is a global action campaign for the education and empowerment of girls, which made its debut in India at our Women in Media panel at Social Media Week Bangalore in February this year.

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Moxie Media Joins Hands With Ketto

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Moxie Media joins hands with Ketto, crowdfunding platform India actor kunal kapoor varun sheth zaheer adenwala qlympic gold quest luge athlete shiva keshavan

We are thrilled to announce that Moxie Media will be creating and directing strong editorial content for Ketto‘s brand new blog, launching soon. Founded by actor Kunal Kapoor, Varun Sheth and Zaheer Adenwala, Ketto is a unique crowdfunding platform that connects individuals and corporations with non-governmental organizations and social causes that are changing the world.

Ketto’s incredible fundraising campaign that sent Indian luge athlete Shiva Keshavan to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi catapulted the platform into the news and with many more inspiring campaigns to come, we couldn’t be more excited to work with Ketto in making the world a better place.

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