2014 June

Pantene Campaign Says Sorry, We’re Not Sorry

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Pantene ad campaign women empowerment don't say sorry shine and strong apologize gender bias advertising campaign change revolution upliftmentPantene continues to shine with another strong advertisement that encourages women to put an end to the unwarranted use of the word ‘sorry’. The latest ad depicts women apologizing to men for asking questions, asking for help with the children and even sharing an armrest. Pantene’s campaign slogan ‘Be Strong and Shine’ makes its point in the latter part of the ad, where the women are shown to tackle the same scenarios without being sorry. The brand has effectively revealed the power of one word, showing women the way forward as it continues to play its role as an agent of change.

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Sita Wadhwani Talks About Directing Digital For Vogue India

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Moxie Media Vogue India Business of Fashion Sita Wadhwani Elle India CNNGo Vogue India Digital Ninja Singh Jolie Wernette-Horn

Editor, consultant, product manager, art director, video producer and social media expert, Vogue India‘s Sita Wadhwani dons many creative hats. After working with India’s first fashion magazine Elle and then founding CNNGo, the Mumbai edition of CNN Asia Travel, Wadhwani moved to Vogue.in in 2012 to develop and design content for a newly emerging mobile-friendly audience. This June, Wadhwani and Print Art Director Jolie Wernette-Horn conceptualized a savvy, Instagram-only fashion story, bringing New York street-style to life through Instagram’s lens, thus further strengthening the bond between print and digital.

Wadhwani talks to The Business of Fashion about her current role at Vogue India, her successes and failures and aligning content between print and digital.

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Instadiaries: Vogue India’s Big Trouble In Little India

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Moxie Media Vogue India New York Street StyleIn what appears to be a fashionable first for any Indian magazine, Vogue India filters out print with its ingenious, first-ever Instagram-only story. Conceptualized by Digital Editor Sita Wadhwani and Print Art Director Jolie Wernette-Horn, this New York street-style adventure comes to life through Instagram’s lens.




Suzy Menkes: Making #futureisdigital For Vogue

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Suzy menkes international editor vogue The International Herald Tribune style editor vogue india brazil japan website column charles wintour anna wintour

Revered fashion journalist Suzy Menkes was recently appointed International Editor for all non-US Vogue websites and although the choice may seem surprising given her tenure with print, it is in fact a very smart move by Vogue. During her 26 years as Style Editor of The International Herald Tribune, Menkes built an international reputation as the final voice in fashion, a voice that will now take Vogue’s “digital first” approach to new heights – and corners of the globe.

Contributing a weekly global column for 19 Vogue websites may seem like a daunting digital task for a print-based veteran but the 70 year old Menkes couldn’t be more ready to push the fashion e-envelope. Vogue is quiet about the other ways in which Menkes will soon influence digital but one thing is for sure, we will all be listening.

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