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Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Moxie Media’s Top Stories Of 2014

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At Moxie we’re known for creating and popularizing two hashtags that describe our work and passion with precision: #futureisdigital and my personal favorite, #futureisfemale. Looking back on an incredible year and preparing for another with both gratitude and unbridled enthusiasm, we are so proud of the hard-earned milestones that have punctuated 2014, many of which were born from a very powerful [digital + women's empowerment] equation that continues to define who and what this agency is and does.

In January of this year, we featured inspiring stories about superhero(ine) women Sara BlakelyFatima Bhutto and Angela Ahrendts on our blog Moxie Insider and Brown Paper Bag launched their Photo Trail series with my Instagram images, which hold clues to the #futureisgreen food project we’re preparing to launch in 2015. Nokia empowered us to take our national Women in Media panel series and Moxie Mentorship program to Social Media Week Bangalore in February, during which time our panelists sparked an international furor amongst feminists on social media that resulted in articles in both Huffington Post and Firstpost.

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#ClientDiaries: Palladium Hotel Mumbai

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Moxie Media Palladium Hotel The Sahib Room & Kipling Bar MissMalini Staycation StyleCrackerOur client Palladium Hotel, a bespoke luxury property located in the heart of Mumbai, reopened its grand doors in the latter half of last year and Moxie Media took over its digital reigns in December 2013 to help craft a new brand identity and build a unique and engaging social media ecosystem. Moxie Media launched Palladium Hotel’s Instagram account with the #PalladiumXmas contest and in the past eight months, has ideated and executed Instagram strategies for promoting Palladium Hotel and all its properties, building buzz around exciting in-house events like the StyleCracker Borough and launching restaurants like The Sahib Room & Kipling Bar.

Whether it’s capturing and sharing original photographs for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day or curating the best of guest photos, such as images from MissMalini‘s Staycation, Moxie Media continues to work towards positioning Palladium Hotel’s Instagram account as the country’s most exciting window into the world of a luxury hotel.


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