Sita Wadhwani Talks About Directing Digital For Vogue India

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Editor, consultant, product manager, art director, video producer and social media expert, Vogue India‘s Sita Wadhwani dons many creative hats. After working with India’s first fashion magazine Elle and then founding CNNGo, the Mumbai edition of CNN Asia Travel, Wadhwani moved to in 2012 to develop and design content for a newly emerging mobile-friendly audience. This June, Wadhwani and Print Art Director Jolie Wernette-Horn conceptualized a savvy, Instagram-only fashion story, bringing New York street-style to life through Instagram’s lens, thus further strengthening the bond between print and digital.

Wadhwani talks to The Business of Fashion about her current role at Vogue India, her successes and failures and aligning content between print and digital.

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Instadiaries: Vogue India’s Big Trouble In Little India

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Moxie Media Vogue India New York Street StyleIn what appears to be a fashionable first for any Indian magazine, Vogue India filters out print with its ingenious, first-ever Instagram-only story. Conceptualized by Digital Editor Sita Wadhwani and Print Art Director Jolie Wernette-Horn, this New York street-style adventure comes to life through Instagram’s lens.




Shop The Latest From Vogue On Instagram: See It, Like It, Own It

Posted by | Digital Media, Digital News, Fashion how to shop from Vogue's Instagram shoppable Instagram accounts e-commerce shop online e-retail Nordstrom sincerely jules shop the look get the look The archetypical photo-sharing mobile app Instagram has become the apple every digital marketer’s eye and every intelligent brand is building campaigns and strategies to leverage the platform and its users. So it only made sense when Vogue, which constantly redefines the fashion frontier, made the savvy decision to make its Instagram pictures shoppable.

Vogue’s followers on Instagram can now simply like an image that comes with the “” link on the brand’s handle after registering on and the user will get an email with a list of featured products in the image,along with links to where they can be purchased online.  It is safe to say that it has never been easier to be en vogue.

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Vogue Takes Met Gala To Instagram

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Vogue United States takes Met Gala to instagram Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala America’s first couturier Charles James Hanne Gaby Odiele, Grace Mahary, Tilda Lindstam, Alana Zimmer and Xiao Wen Ju on Manhattan streets

Vogue found a way to ingeniously promote this year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, which paid tribute to America’s first couturier Charles James, with a street-worthy photoshoot tailor-made for Instagram.

To celebrate the biggest fashion event of the year, Vogue took models Hanne Gaby Odiele, Grace Mahary, Tilda Lindstam, Alana Zimmer and Xiao Wen Ju to the streets of Manhattan to be photographed by Cass Bird in beautiful ball gowns boasting cuts and silhouettes reminiscent of James’ sartorial work yet modern enough to cause a frenzy on the popular photo-sharing platform.

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Instagram Changes Fashion’s Filters

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instagram fashion brand building marketing tools digital media advertising on instagram michael kors prabal gurung facebook images powerful creating brand identity using instagram

It is no surprise that as social and digital media changes and shapes almost everything around us, companies and brands have to constantly reinvent themselves to keep up with the dynamic online space. It’s imperative to understand and invest in powerful social media platforms that are indispensable for successful brand building and Instagram, now part of Facebook, has emerged as the preferred choice for luxury fashion brands.

What started as an outlet for creative expression used by bloggers, stylists and designers has quickly risen to become an exclusive window into fashion’s biggest brands and more illustrious influencers.

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Born In Beirut: Sociologist Sarah Beydoun’s Stylish Discovery

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Sarah Beydoun Sarah's Bag Beirut Lebanon war prisoners moda operandi matches fashion crochet embellished bags clutches accessories cool sociologist business woman article on business of fashion

Sarah Beydoun is not a designer, yet she has managed to make Sarah’s Bag a hip and coveted fashion label by following one simple rule: to create quality products that people want to own irrespective of how compelling the product’s story is. But make no mistake, this is one moving story.

These trendy handcrafted bags are made by female war prisoners in Lebanon whose lives have been changed by owner and creative director Beydoun, who started Sarah’s Bag as a sociology project. Sarah’s Bag has helped rehabilitate prostitutes and provide livelihoods to 150 Middle-Eastern women, each who intricately creates these one-of-a-kind bags with crochet, beads and embellishments, allowing women all over the world to give back while making a strong fashion statement.

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A Talented Teen Designer Credits Mentorship For Her Fashionable Success Story

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Isabella Rose Taylor fashion design young 13 year old retails at Nordstrom mentored by Liza Deyrmenjian fashion business consultant mentee mentor

At the young age of eight, Isabella Rose Taylor was stitching her own clothes, by nine she had garnered quite a fan following and now at thirteen she prepares to launch her line of apparel for juniors at luxury retailer Nordstrom.

Though born with brains and a passion for fashion, it was her mentor Liza Deyrmenjian, founder of fashion business coaching company Fashion Accelerator 360, who transformed Taylor’s skills into a full-fledged business.

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How Hillary Kerr Built The Who What Wear Empire

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Hillary Kerr Moxie Media Who What Wear

After a successful association with Elle as Associate Lifestyle Editor, Hillary Kerr and colleague Katherine Power co-founded Who What Wear, a stylish digital platform that spotlights celebrity style and makes runway trends accessible to fashionistas around the globe. Who What Wear is today one of the most-visited style websites with over one million subscribers and a mile-long list of chic guest editors that includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Kerry Washington, proving that Kerr knows her whos and whats about fashion.

Kerr talks to Vanity Fair about creating trends, building a multi-media brand and its transformation into a global fashion empire.

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Instadiaries: Behind The Scenes With Princess Of Prints Mary Katrantzou

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Moxie Media Mary Katrantzou Vogue Australia Instagram

British design darling Mary Katrantzou‘s signature quirky patterns and ingenious motifs have earned her the moniker ‘Princess of Prints’, a fitting nickname for the woman responsible for the popularity of perfume bottles, vintage postage stamps and captivating landscapes appearing on everything from peplums to pencil skirts.

Katrantzou talks to Vogue Australia about documenting her travels, seeking inspiration for her collections and making social media matter.

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