Bowl Bar: A Week In Review

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Vegans and healthy food devotees have something major to look forward to this year: the launch of Mumbai’s only vegan café Bowl Bar.

Fresh. Pure. Vegan. The café is taking this stunningly simple philosophy and transforming it into food that’s good for you and good for the earth.

While you wait for the café to open later this year, you can Bowl Bar’s vegan delights now! Delivery, across Mumbai, starts in a couple of weeks and the café has delectable chia seed pudding, energizing bliss balls and delicious almond milk on the menu. Just leave a comment on Bowl Bar’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to place your order.

Post the announcement on Bowl Bar’s social media, digital and print media quickly picked up the news and helped spread the word about the launch.

“Top shots of fruit, almond milk, super greens, crowned with chia seeds and agave, stained with edible Rorschach blots and fuchsia beetroot veins: entrepreneur Marissa Bronfman’s smoothie bowls look like works of art.”

- Brown Paper Bag

“The delivery process? Easier than ever! No matter where you find them – on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – leave a comment on what you’d like and they’ll write back to you. Sweet.”

- Elle India

“Bowl Bar will offer a limited range of products including almond milk, chia seed puddings and ‘bliss balls’. The chia puddings will be made using imported chia as opposed to the local sabja seeds will be flavoured with seasonal fruits.”

- The Daily Pao

“Little did she know that her move to India coupled with her healthy eating habit would turn her from a journalist to digital media owner and now a soon-to-be restaurateur.”


“[Marissa Bronfman] will kick off a delivery service (Juhu, Bandra, SoBo) in August, offering three dishes from her menu —bliss balls of coconut and almonds; guilt-free dessert chia seed pudding (she says it’s a first in India and packed with soluble fibre and Omega 3s) and fresh almond milk. More power to superfoods, we say.”

- Sunday Mid-Day

“She’s putting her bowl of goodies up for grabs by launching a blog and website – in less than 2 weeks. It will be THE place to read about super foods, healthy recipes and the likes. And best of all, it’s tied in with the opening of a full-fledged café in Bandra by the end of the year.”

- Times Internet |



Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Moxie Media’s Top Stories Of 2014

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Marissa Bronfman Instagram Brown Paper Bag Mumbai Photo Trail BPB Weekend

At Moxie we’re known for creating and popularizing two hashtags that describe our work and passion with precision: #futureisdigital and my personal favorite, #futureisfemale. Looking back on an incredible year and preparing for another with both gratitude and unbridled enthusiasm, we are so proud of the hard-earned milestones that have punctuated 2014, many of which were born from a very powerful [digital + women's empowerment] equation that continues to define who and what this agency is and does.

In January of this year, we featured inspiring stories about superhero(ine) women Sara BlakelyFatima Bhutto and Angela Ahrendts on our blog Moxie Insider and Brown Paper Bag launched their Photo Trail series with my Instagram images, which hold clues to the #futureisgreen food project we’re preparing to launch in 2015. Nokia empowered us to take our national Women in Media panel series and Moxie Mentorship program to Social Media Week Bangalore in February, during which time our panelists sparked an international furor amongst feminists on social media that resulted in articles in both Huffington Post and Firstpost.

#futureisfemale moxie mentorship india's first international mentorship program for Indian women youtube video women's empowerment marissa bronfman

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Moxie Media’s Marissa Bronfman Featured In Vogue India’s Wellness Guide 2014

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Marissa Bronfman featured in Vogue India's Wellness Guide 2014 for healthy cook and eating in "Best Practices" with Lisa Haydon. Vogue India interviewed our Founder and President Marissa Bronfman for a feature in this month’s Vogue India Wellness Guide 2014. Known for her beautiful food photos on Instagram, Marissa’s smoothie bowls, healthy meals and exercise routines are spotlighted by Vogue India’s Jerusha Chande. Pick up the July 2014 issue of Vogue India to read the full story, which also features Bollywood actress and natural beauty product enthusiast Lisa Haydon.

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Vogue India Recommends Marissa Bronfman’s Smoothie Bowls For Becoming A Summer Goddess

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Moxie Media's Marissa Bronfman in Vogue India May issue 8 ways to be a summer goddess smoothie bowl recipe breakfast bowl superfoods chia seeds acai bee pollen maca powder cacao nibs himalayan goji berries omega 3 yoga meditation blissology

Our Founder and President Marissa Bronfman’s healthy smoothie bowls, which look like works of art, couldn’t be more popular on Instagram and have many loyal admirers both online and off. The May issue of Vogue India has featured one of her breakfast smoothie bowls as part of its ‘8 Ways To Be A Summer Goddess’ story, alongside her tips for building the most power-packed bowls.

Beautiful smoothie bowls alive with the goodness of anti-oxidants and Omega 3s come courtesy of the use of superfoods like Himalayan goji berries, chia seeds, bee pollen and maca powder, and are as delicious to eat as they are a treat for the eyes.

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