Sheryl Sandberg And Getty Images Are Changing Perceptions About Women One Stock Photo At A Time

Posted by February 13, 2014 | Women in Business

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Though many have begun to rebuke gender stereotypes and accept that women deserve to make a living and build a career, millions of online stock images of working women fail to reflect this change in attitude. It is still the same slender, young white women with black briefcases talking on walkie-talkie-like phones but the reality couldn’t be more different – or diverse.

Addressing changing perceptions of women’s empowerment and the modern-age working woman, Getty Images has collaborated with Sheryl Sandberg’s to create a bank of images that truly depict today’s dynamic, independent women and the men who play a significant and meaningful role in family life.

Read the New York Times article to learn more about the initiative and how images influence perceptions in the digital age.


“When we see images of women and girls and men, they often fall into the stereotypes that we’re trying to overcome, and you can’t be what you can’t see,” Sheryl Sandberg said in an interview.

The new library of photos shows professional women as surgeons, painters, bakers, soldiers and hunters. There are girls riding skateboards, women lifting weights and fathers changing babies’ diapers. Women in offices wear contemporary clothes and hairstyles and hold tablets or smartphones — a far cry from the typical stock photos of women in 1980s power suits with a briefcase.

“Imagery has become the communication medium of this generation, and that really means how people are portrayed visually is going to have more influence on how people are seen and perceived than anything else,” Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Getty Images Jonathan Klein said.


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