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Suzy Menkes: Making #futureisdigital For Vogue

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Suzy menkes international editor vogue The International Herald Tribune style editor vogue india brazil japan website column charles wintour anna wintour

Revered fashion journalist Suzy Menkes was recently appointed International Editor for all non-US Vogue websites and although the choice may seem surprising given her tenure with print, it is in fact a very smart move by Vogue. During her 26 years as Style Editor of The International Herald Tribune, Menkes built an international reputation as the final voice in fashion, a voice that will now take Vogue’s “digital first” approach to new heights – and corners of the globe.

Contributing a weekly global column for 19 Vogue websites may seem like a daunting digital task for a print-based veteran but the 70 year old Menkes couldn’t be more ready to push the fashion e-envelope. Vogue is quiet about the other ways in which Menkes will soon influence digital but one thing is for sure, we will all be listening.

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Born In Beirut: Sociologist Sarah Beydoun’s Stylish Discovery

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Sarah Beydoun Sarah's Bag Beirut Lebanon war prisoners moda operandi matches fashion crochet embellished bags clutches accessories cool sociologist business woman article on business of fashion

Sarah Beydoun is not a designer, yet she has managed to make Sarah’s Bag a hip and coveted fashion label by following one simple rule: to create quality products that people want to own irrespective of how compelling the product’s story is. But make no mistake, this is one moving story.

These trendy handcrafted bags are made by female war prisoners in Lebanon whose lives have been changed by owner and creative director Beydoun, who started Sarah’s Bag as a sociology project. Sarah’s Bag has helped rehabilitate prostitutes and provide livelihoods to 150 Middle-Eastern women, each who intricately creates these one-of-a-kind bags with crochet, beads and embellishments, allowing women all over the world to give back while making a strong fashion statement.

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Amy Odell Took The Teenage Dream Online With

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Amy Odell editor hearst publications business of fashion into the gloss interview The Cut BuzzFeed print versus digital

Amy Odell is the editor of teenage girl bible and comes from a different league of journalists, one that realized the power of digital media when the business of blogging came into being.

Starting at New York Magazine’s blog The Cut, Odell moved on to BuzzFeed as its Fashion Editor before finally taking Hearst Corporation‘s iconic magazine Cosmopolitan online, settling the print versus digital debate in favor of the reader whose capacity to absorb news has increased to encapsulate both online and offline news.

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The Not So Blonde Salad

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Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad Business of Fashion interiew fashion and travel blogger influencer Louis Vuitton Tiffany collaboration depop app

In an astounding four short years, The Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni transformed her personal fashion and travel blog into an international website with over six million monthly page views, proving that this sandy-haired blonde means serious business.

An exciting blend of fresh, fashion-forward content and unique collaborations with global brands like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. not only help her drive hoards of people to her blog but have also established her as an respected authority in the world of fashion today.

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