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Girl Rising’s Warrior Poet Senna At Women In The World 2014 in New York

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Senna Peru girl rising women in the world summit 2014 new york lincoln center poetry poems recital moving empowerment justin reeves women in media

From the mountaintops of Peru to the streets of New York City, Girl Rising‘s 17 year-old Senna travelled many miles to recite her moving poetry to the Women in the World audience at Lincoln Center on April 5th.

Girl Rising is a global action campaign for the education and empowerment of girls, which made its debut in India at our Women in Media panel at Social Media Week Bangalore in February this year.

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Marissa Bronfman’s ‘Where Are The Men in Women’s Empowerment?’ In Huffington Post

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Marissa Bronfman Moxie Media founder president women in media panel social media week bangalore justin reeves girl rising india archana prasad malika verma kashyap poonam kaul nokia india feminists equality women's empowerment firstpost oped huffington post

Taking the discussion on feminism and equality forward after the international furor created by a handful of women on Twitter over the inclusion of a man on our Women in Media panel at Social Media Week Bangalore, our Founder and President Marissa Bronfman wrote about the role of men in women’s empowerment in The Huffington Post. This article first appeared in FIRSTPOST.

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Marissa Bronfman Discusses Feminism And Equality In FIRSTPOST

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firstpost marissa bronfman oped women's empowerment feminism justin reeves girl rising women in media bangalore social media week feminists

As we welcomed Girl Rising‘s Justin Reeves to speak on our Women in Media panel last week at Social Media Week Bangalore, a handful of angry women from around the world tweeted their outrage over his inclusion at our event.

Inspired by the uproar we experienced at Women in Media Bangalore, our Founder and President Marissa Bronfman discusses feminism, equality and women’s empowerment in FIRSTPOST.

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A Spectacular Social Media Week With Women in Media Bangalore

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Moxie Media Women in Media Panel Series Bangalore Social Media Week Bangalore 2014Thank you Bangalore for making the third edition of Women in Media at Social Media Week Bangalore such a success!

Want to be mentored by one of our inspiring panelists? Apply to Moxie Mentorship for a chance to be mentored by Nokia‘s Poonam Kaul, Girl Rising‘s Justin Reeves, Border&Fall‘s Malika Verma-Kashyap, Jaaga‘s Archana Prasad and our founder Marissa Bronfman.

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Women In Media Travels To Bangalore

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Moxie Media Women In Media Paenl series social media week bangalore Moxie Mentorship Girl rising screening Poonam Kaul director of communications Nokia Malika Verma Kashyap Border&Fall Archana Prasad Jaaga Justin Reeves Girl rising Marissa Bronfman

Join Moxie Media and Nokia for the latest edition of our Women in Media panel series at Social Media Week Bangalore this Thursday February 20th as Poonam Kaul of Nokia, Archana Prasad of Jaaga, Malika Verma Kashyap of Border&Fall, Justin Reeves of Girl Rising and Moxie Media’s very own Marissa Bronfman talk about using the power of social and digital media to build a brand and effect social change.

Register for the Women in Media panel here.

Moxie Mentorship: Pairing India’s Talented Young Women With The Most Inspiring Female Leaders And Influencers

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Moxie mentorship campaign india's only mentorship program pernia qureshi sujata assomull silly aishwarya nair sabine heller women in media panel discussion social media week bangalore women in media nokia poonam kaul archana prasad jaaga mallika kashyap border&fall girl rising justing reeves

Recognizing the total absence of a culture of mentorship for women in India, Moxie Media launched Moxie Mentorship, a mentorship program that connects India’s brightest young entrepreneurial women with the country’s most inspiring female leaders and influencers.

Moxie Mentorship is designed to pair passionate young women with Women in Media panelists for intimate one-on-one mentorships. The first program of its kind in India, Moxie Mentorship continues to grow, uniting women across cities and countries.

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Girl Rising: A Documentary, A Campaign, A Global Revolution

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Girl Rising documentary Moxie Media girls empowerment education priyanka chopra anne hathaway meryl streep kerry washington Robert E Robbin

The latest edition of Moxie Media’s Women In Media Panel Series & Moxie Mentorship, in partnership with Nokia at Social Media Week Bangalore, is proud to be associated with the incredible global campaign Girl Rising.

In a world still dominated by regressive ideologies that banish the girl child from getting the same quality of life as the male child, this campaign aims to bridge the gender gap by empowering girls through education. In collaboration with Intel, CNN Films and others, Girl Rising is a series of advocacy trailers, behind-the-scenes videos and a documentary so impactful that this action campaign has already raised $2.1 million towards educating girls.

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Moxie Media And Nokia Present Women In Media & Moxie Mentorship With Girl Rising In Bangalore

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Moxie Media women in media bangalore nokia girl rising social media week february mentorship campaign TED speakers malika v kashyap border&fall marissa bronfman

Moxie Media is thrilled to announce our partnership with Nokia for Women in Media and Moxie Mentorship at Social Media Week Bangalore 2014. Featuring executives from Nokia, Girl Rising and more, the third edition of our Women in Media panel promises to be the most inspiring one yet.

Stay tuned for all the details.


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