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In Conversation With Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop’s Founder Pernia Qureshi

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Pernia Qureshi, Founder Pernia's Pop Up Shop, fashion entrepreneur, online fashion store India,e-commerce, Be Stylish book, panelist at Moxie Media's Women In Media Delhi

Pernia Qureshi, founder of Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, has transformed the Indian shopping landscape by creating one of the most accessible, sleek, and fashion-forward e-commerce portals, which carefully curates clothes and accessories from established and up-and-coming designers.

Qureshi returned home in 2008 after gaining extraordinary knowledge in the fashion industry while interning at Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Catherine Malandrino in New York converging the aesthetics and functionality of western e-commerce with Indian design and fashion sensibilities to create a truly unique Indian digital platform that celebrates young designers and delights discerning consumers.

Moxie Media spoke to Women In Media Delhi panelist and mentor Qureshi about overcoming digital challenges, inspiration for her website, and her debut book, Be Stylish.


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