Digital News Portal Mashable Partners With To Launch Mashable India

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U.S.-headquartered news portal Mashable adds India to its steadily expanding global footprint with the announcement of the brand’s partnership with is a joint venture between Penske Media Corporation (PMC), who bought Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) from Condé Nast last year, and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

The brand plans to build a dedicated editorial team based in Mumbai and New Delhi to create localized digital and social media content, who will report to Mashable’s U.S.-based team: executive editor Jim Roberts, managing editor Jonathan Ellis and global news editor Louise Roug.

“This intersection of technology and digital media with culture and society is what makes India such a natural place for Mashable to grow,” writes Adam Ostrow, Chief Strategy Officer at Mashable, “Moreover, Indians have already shown us that they are hungry for Mashable content: It’s one of our top five markets worldwide, and our recent visit to India for the India +SocialGoodconference, with hundreds of members of India’s technology community, was a rousing success.”

An indicator of India’s burgeoning digital ecosystem, Mashable India follows in the trail of Huffington Post India, which launched its India arm in December 2014, in partnership with The Times Of India Group and Times Internet, and Buzzfeed India which launched its India edition last August.



Pantene Campaign Says Sorry, We’re Not Sorry

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Pantene ad campaign women empowerment don't say sorry shine and strong apologize gender bias advertising campaign change revolution upliftmentPantene continues to shine with another strong advertisement that encourages women to put an end to the unwarranted use of the word ‘sorry’. The latest ad depicts women apologizing to men for asking questions, asking for help with the children and even sharing an armrest. Pantene’s campaign slogan ‘Be Strong and Shine’ makes its point in the latter part of the ad, where the women are shown to tackle the same scenarios without being sorry. The brand has effectively revealed the power of one word, showing women the way forward as it continues to play its role as an agent of change.

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Stacy Martinet Is Forging Mashable’s Future Today

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Stacy Martinet chief marketing officer Mashable New York Times interview with Moxie Media +SocialGood summit India new york women in communications incredible woman digital

Stacy Martinet is the Chief Marketing Officer of leading technology news website Mashable and her job is every bit as exciting and challenging as her title suggests. When working at a company like Mashable, which takes pride in its digital reportage and setting of technological trends, one must constantly upgrade and adapt to the industry’s rapidly evolving dynamics; by exhibiting a constant fluidity in experimenting with and adopting new practices, Martinet does this marvelously.

Her work building the New York Times‘ digital ecosystem was nothing short of phenomenal and it’s clear that her time with Mashable will raise the bar even higher.

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The Business Of Blogging: How Beauty Vloggers Make Millions

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Beauty blogger blogger Michelle Phan YouTube video Cosmopolitan Mashable Dulce Candy It's Judy Time Make Up do it yourself beauty tutorials

The Internet has created a wealth of opportunity for young women eager to start their own business, empowering them to not only reach millions but make millions. Today, some of the most respected and followed figures in the makeup industry are young beauty vloggers, blush wand-wielding girls who made names for themselves with homemade how-to videos that went viral on YouTube. Cosmopolitan delves deeper into the foundation of this phenomenon.

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