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Instadiaries: Arianna Huffington Launches Huffington Post India

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Moxie Media Arianna Huffington Launches Huffington Post India on Moxie Insider Instadiaries

From glowing sunrises seen at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel to posing with Mother India while speaking at Mehboob Studios for The Times Lit Fest and meeting with spiritual leaders and Bollywood stars like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sonam Kapoor, Arianna Huffington’s whirlwind trip through Mumbai and New Delhi to launch Huffington Post India was beautifully chronicled through snapshots shared on Instagram.

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Huffington Post India Launches Today In Association With Times Of India Group And Times Internet

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Huffington Post Inda launches today in association with the Times of India Group on Moxie Media's blog Moxie Insider

The Huffington Post debuts Huffington Post India today on Monday December 8th 2014 in association with The Times of India Group and Times Internet. The New Delhi-based editorial team has launched Huffington Post India with leading stories about the recent Uber Delhi rape case, as well as featured blog posts by Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington, celebrated authors William Dalrymple and Chetan Bhagat, Bollywood actor Rahul Khanna, popular chef Vikas Khanna and more. “India has always held a deeply personal significance to me,” says Huffington in her blog post “Namaste: Introducing HuffPost India,” which focuses deeply on India’s spiritual roots and rituals, a topic central to Huffington’s life and work. Huffington promises that Huffington Post India will report on “all the challenges India is facing,” as well as ‘relentlessly tell the stories of what is working.’

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Verizon Urges The World To ‘Inspire Her Mind’

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Verizon advertisement ad campaign powerful women's empowerment science growth math technology girls push education break gender stereotypes gender bias gender equality Reshma Saujani Adweek Huffington Post Girls Who CodeOne of Verizon‘s latest advertisements highlights behaviour that many unknowingly perpetuate: discouraging girls from their natural interest in science. The ad reveals how young girls’ innate curiosity in nature and mechanics is slowly but surely quashed by well-meaning parental warnings, which contributes to the dismal proportion of women who ultimately work in a scientific field. Verizon says it’s high time we ‘Inspire Her Mind’, starting from childhood.

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Scaling New Peaks With’s Ruzwana Bashir

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Ruzwana Bashir founder of travel experiences and activities curation website north america and europe founding team funded by Eric Schmidt earlier with gilt groupe, blackstone group, goldman sachs, peek professionalRuzwana Bashir loves the startup life and has her hands full with, a company she founded in 2012 that offers unique travel activities and experiences. With a MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School, Bashir’s appetite for taking risks is high and she advises young female entrepreneurs to do the same. After working at companies like Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs and Gilt Groupe, Bashir knew it was finally the right time to start her own venture, a risk that has paid off well: Peek raised $1.4 million the year it was launched and another $5 million this year. Having recently launched Peek Professional while expanding to new destinations and offering everything from a helicopter tour of Manhattan to paddle board lessons in Santa Monica, it is safe to say that Ruzwana is putting her print on the map.

Take a special sneak peek into Marissa Bronfman’s exclusive interview with Peek’s Ruzwana Bashir, coming soon to The Huffington Post.

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Marissa Bronfman’s ‘Where Are The Men in Women’s Empowerment?’ In Huffington Post

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Marissa Bronfman Moxie Media founder president women in media panel social media week bangalore justin reeves girl rising india archana prasad malika verma kashyap poonam kaul nokia india feminists equality women's empowerment firstpost oped huffington post

Taking the discussion on feminism and equality forward after the international furor created by a handful of women on Twitter over the inclusion of a man on our Women in Media panel at Social Media Week Bangalore, our Founder and President Marissa Bronfman wrote about the role of men in women’s empowerment in The Huffington Post. This article first appeared in FIRSTPOST.

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